I am here to answer any intimate questions you might be concerned about and to help you find your sexual true North! You are in charge of your sexual desires, together we will map out the best way to reach your goals as easily and quickly as possible.

What can Intimacy/Sex Coaching help you with?

For Women:
~ Find your inner muse/goddess that will make him drool
~ Take naughty field trips to discover what really turns you on
~ Learn how to bring out your sexual prowess
~ Tips on how to bring up sexual subjects with your partner
~ Find that big O you've been craving
~ Learn tips and tricks to pleasing yourself and your partner
~ Feel free and sensuous in your own skin
-Discover what your true desires are
~Aiding in menopausal and hormonal sexual issues
Sex is an art and you are the artist!

For Men: 
~ Help with prolonged or early ejaculation
~ How the female anatomy really works
~ Realistic expectations of partners in bed
~ Performance techniques that will drive her wild
~ What to do if your partner isn't interested in sex
~ Explore what a real Master is and how to become one
~ Be more confident in the bedroom and in life
~ Find out what your true sexual warrior style is
~Learn what pleasures true intimacy can bring  you
Become the man you want to be and master the true art of sex.

~ Learn how to make a "Calendar Clearing" sex date
~ Useful ways of bringing up sexual "taboos" 
~ Fun steps to find a sexual balance within your relationship
~ The proper way to bring up STI/STD's and when
~ New skills for in the bedroom (and out)
~ Learn what your partner really wants
~Find your connection through intimacy
~ How to show your partner what YOU really want
~ Simple fun things to do during the day to enhance your relationship
Sex should be fun, not a duty!