My mission is to assist you in discovering your true  powers, to develop intimacy with yourself and help you realize how magical you are. I want you to learn the true art of self power and to build your confidence in whatever area of life you are working on.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety, confidence issues, aiding in recovery and bad habits. I believe everyone can benefit from a little extra help or motivation to get them on their way to a wonderful full new life. 

Hypnotherapy is not a bunch of new age rhetoric, but it is a way to help you on a subconscious level reach your true potential. If you have ever felt a need to really begin your life, to start anew or to say goodbye to an old monkey on your back, then call or email me right now. *

In addition to being a hypnotherapist, I am an intimacy and sex coach.  I have dedicated years of schooling, online courses, workshops, volunteer hours, written research and experience, all to the art of sex, intimacy, relationships  and the why's of what turns us humans on. I am the featured sex expert in Dr Doris Day's new book "Beyond Beautiful"as well as the bi-weekly sex/dating columnist  for the Palm Springs/ Coachella Valley CV Weekly paper and a continual go to authority for many online sources. I come to you as a coach not only with knowledge, but decades of experience!


Everyone has questions,  I am here to answer yours! 


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* Even if you decide to see someone else, please make sure they are certified and have gone through schooling. Too many people have just read some book or watched a video and call themselves a hypnotherapist. Remember: This is your life and your mind!